Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs)

The Original
Natural Grooming Lotion
For your Dogs and Puppies

Combined Flea, Mite & Tick Grooming lotion

Also for treatment of insect stings, bites, itchy & problem skin

Homeopathy and Aromatherapy for Dogs and Puppies

Contains aromatic essential oils, herbal tinctures & homeopathic remedies

Safe, non toxic, chemical free, cruelty free, Established over 30 years

Product Description


More than just another aid to grooming, non-sticky and non-drying no matter how often it is used.

Gives lasting protection to all types of coats.

Helps stimulate coat growth.

Is an excellent anti-parasitic and also kills fleas and mites.

In addition try it for cuts, wounds, bruises, burns, insect stings and flea bites.

A truly all-purpose lotion.

Safe for both pets and children.

Nontoxic, kills fleas without exposing pets and owners to harmful pesticides.

Non Toxic, hypo-allergenic. Free from harmful chemicals found in many every day flea lotions and grooming sprays. Safe for pregnant bitches and puppies.

As used internationally by top breeders of Dogs & Cats, selected Homeopathic vets and animal support charities. These natural remedies are tried and tested over the course of time and our products have been helping to heal animals over the past 30 years.

Grooming Parlours use this products as a finishing lotion and send their clients home feeling fragrant and protected from fleas and mites.

I am told by many people how lovely the natural aromatherapy fragrance is and how the animals feel calm cool and collected!

Natural Grooming Lotion for Dogs & Puppies

Natural Grooming Lotion Refill for Dogs & Puppies

Natural Grooming Lotion for Dogs & Puppies

Natural Grooming Lotion for Dogs & Puppies

Complete Range
Dogs, Cats, Horses, Small Animals
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Shake bottle well. Apply a small quantity to coat. A little goes a long way.

Apply either to a dry coat or after shampooing (try Assisi aromatic natural shampoo or Assisi tea tree shampoo (also available in my shop).

Massage or comb in well. Working the lotion in to the coat. This helps to stimulate the dog's skin and bring out the natural oils of the coat.

Groom as usual, removing unwanted dead hair from the coat.

For longer coats spray a small amount very lightly, once groomed and finish with a light brush.

Remove any dead fleas with a flea comb.

Apply lotion to ticks and remove remaining ticks with tick comb or tweezers in the usual way as the tick releases its hold.

Apply the lotion daily for the first week, thereafter once or twice weekly to maintain resistance to fleas and other unwanted guests.

Unlike every day chemical flea sprays you may need to give time for the oils and remedies to take effect. Don't panic if the fleas do not drop off immediately. Remember thoroughly clean and a vacuum areas where your pet sleeps or sits, clearing unwanted fleas debris and eggs.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your purchase.

Formulated for pets by professional homeopath Andrew Berwitz in our still room.

Click HERE to View/Download/Print directions. (In another tab).


A blend of pure Aromatic Essential oils, chosen for their anti-flea properties, combined with herbal tinctures and Homeopathic remedies with natural healing properties in an aqueous base.

Best kept refrigerated and away from direct sunlight once opened for longer storage.

All products are made by a qualified Homeopath, ethical, cruelty free; with recycled packaging used where appropriate.


Case History (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
The proprietor of a busy kennels contacted me as he had an infestation of fleas at one of the busiest times of the year. Several of the dogs had sensitive skins and were unable to use products such as Frontline. The Assisi Grooming Lotion was used and it helped to eradicate the fleas without upsetting the dogs skins.
Case History (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
A Chow which had lost hair and had many bald patches was treated with the lotion and the hair re-grew.
We have before and after photographs to illustrate this.
Case History (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
An owner contacted me regarding his Rough Collie who had long matted hair and fleas and sore skin from repeated flea bites. The owner used the Assisi Lotion over a period of a week. The fleas were killed off, the hair de tangled and the sore skin patches healed up.
A truly all purpose lotion.
Case History (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
The day of a big show the owner of a German Shepherd found his dog had rolled in cow pat. Without access to large quantities of water the owner used the Assisi Grooming Lotion to clean and groom his dog. The dog went on to win a championship certificate at the show.
A proud moment both for the owner and my grooming lotion.

Recommendation (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
My dog Lottie is a rescue from Romania, with a thick coat. And she absolutely hates being bathed! However, she loves being brushed, and doesn’t mind me finishing off with an application of the Assisi Dog Grooming Lotion. It makes her coat silky and fresh smelling and means I don’t have to bathe her so often.
Even more importantly, this is the only product I use for flea protection. I first used the grooming lotion when my dog trainer recommended it for fleas, as I was increasingly unhappy at having to use toxic spot-on products. To my utter delight, it killed all the fleas on her and since then I have never had to use a spot-on product again for fleas – or ticks. In fact, on 2 occasions, the Assisi lotion has caused ticks to detach from her coat and fall onto the floor. And my vet has twice remarked on how good her coat looks.
I also use the Assisi Cat Grooming Lotion on my cat – again, I never have to worry about fleas on her, winter or summer. And her fur looks great!
Recommendation (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
Good product received quickly but the best packaged item ever. This seller really cares , awesome highly recommend
Recommendation (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
Perfect, Thank you ....I groomed my Rough Collie every day for a week and my boys coat is full of lustre and has a beautiful sheen.
Recommendation (for Natural Grooming Lotion(Dogs))
I am ordering my second bottle of the dog grooming spray as it has kept my dog flea free for several months now. In addition, she doesn't seem to mind me applying it after grooming her. And her coat looks shiny and feels silky afterwards - even the vet remarked on how good she was looking.