Eczema Cream

Assisi Veterinary Eczema Cream

All purpose healing cream to aid pet skin conditions.

Homeopathy skincare cream with Organic Calendula Tincture, combined with our homeopathic remedies in a soothing aqueous cream base, provides healing solutions and helps reduce inflammation to the skin.

Our natural combination cream relieves dry, itchy, flaky skin and inflamed, sore, red and oozing hot-spots.

It provides immediate relief from pain, itching and allergic skin reactions.

Heals sore areas where your pet may have chewed or licked their skin in conjunction with Eczema symptoms.

Safe, natural and cruelty free. Tried & trusted by animal lovers since 1979

Product Description

For Peeling, Red, Raw skin, Dry Skin and Hot Spots, this product, with the enhanced healing properties of Organic Calendula tincture, combined with our homeopathic remedies, in a soothing aqueous cream base, provides healing solutions and reduced inflammation to the skin.

Aids in the natural treatment of flaky dry skin, hot spots, skin irritation and eczema conditions.

This Homeopathic cream is tried and tested over the course of time and our remedies, creams and ointments have been helping to heal small animals since 1979.

Formulated for pets by professional Homeopath and cosmetic scientist Andrew Berwitz. Andrew offers personal on-line support.

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Apply thinly to effected areas, once or twice daily, until condition clears.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your order.

For more aggressive cases, a homeopathic constitutional remedy may be required, in support of the treatment.

Please contact me for further advice and assistance.


A blend of homeopathic remedies, in a 6c potency, combined with healing Organic Calendula tincture, in a soothing, aqueous cream base.

Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic.


Case History (for Eczema Cream)

I have many happy pet customers with their satisfied owners who are delighted with the power of homeopathy

Recommendation (for Eczema Cream)

soothes my old dog, thank you

Recommendation (for Eczema Cream)

Great product. Bought this for my 9 years old Labrador. Looks like it’s working, he stopped scratching after applying this cream.

Recommendation (for Eczema Cream)

Excellent, cleared patch of eczema in just a few applications

Recommendation (for Eczema Cream)

Great service, very pleased with the product thank you