Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit

For pets and wild animals
ASSISI VETERINARY Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit

Homeopathy for Cats, Dogs, Horses, ponies, and all vulnerable small animals including stray, homeless, and feral cats, Foxes, Deer, Raccoons and Coyotes.

Combination of Homeopathic remedies, supplied in four vials, containing 120 sucrose pillules in each vial, impregnated with one special well-chosen remedy to treat sarcoptic mange in each vial.

As an added bonus to ensure success, I have added a fourth remedy at no extra cost which can be given should the condition return!

Easy to use pillule form which can be easily added to water or given to your pet or wild animal in food.

Assisi Veterinary have had a lot of success with this treatment and many examples of success both in domestic pets and wild animals.

Incidentally, foxes love a hard-boiled egg with the remedy inserted into the egg. You can also add pillules to drinking water.

This homeopathic remedy is tried and tested over the course of time and our Assisi Veterinary remedies, creams and ointments have been helping to heal small animals since 1979.

Formulated for pets through Assisi Veterinary by professional Homeopath Andrew Berwitz.

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A Leaflet with full directions and a list of ingredients and how to use them is included with every order.


A combination of homeopathic remedies, Sulphur, Arsenicum Alb and Psorinum given over a period of 3/4 weeks. Full directions provided with order.


Recommendation (for Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit)
Great service, very pleased with the product thank you
Recommendation (for Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit)
Fast delivery and an effective remedy!
Recommendation (for Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit)
Very effective medicine. I have treated 3 foxes and they are all relieved with itchiness and pain perhaps. The mange showed a lot of improvement everyday they comes back. Excellent anti mange.
Recommendation (for Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit)
Excellent service, great instructions. A pleasure to do business with, I will definitely purchase from again. Has been very helpful in giving advice, very quick to respond to communications.
Recommendation (for Sarcoptic Mange Treatment Kit)
Excellent seller - item as described and treatment works well