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Passport to Immunity

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Echinacea is traditionally used by herbalists in the treatment of sore throats, coughs, colds & flu.

An immune booster for the whole family, the elderly, hardworking mums and dads and family pets.

The natural way to boost the immune system.

The finest 100% Organic Echinacea Tincture is the finest in the whole of England!

Made from the whole plant, roots, stems & flowers 'treats the whole person'.

Our Bryonia Plus homeopathic linctus, made by a qualified homeopath and pharmacist has been widely used to help both adults and children with coughs and colds for the past 21 years.

Its benefits include; Soothes dry, spasmodic hacking coughs; Reduces bouts of coughing; Helps relieve sore throats. Can also relieve congestive headaches and rheumatic pains made worse during damp cold weather and acute Bronchial complaints.

Our combination remedy for coughs and colds contains three Homeopathic Remedies

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The tincture is supplied in a plastic dropper bottle, dilute 10 drops in water or fruit juice. Take one

to two times daily. Best to start low and build up to 20 drops a day for 2 - 3 months and then have a rest

for a month or so.

Suitable for adults, children and animals.


Take up to three doses daily until relief!

A little goes a long way



Freshly harvested organic Echinace Purpurea

1:1.33, W/V in 45%, organic alcohol


A pleasant tasting sugar free linctus containing 7 especially chosen homeopathic remedies; acon 6, bry 6, gels 6, hep sul 6, ipec 6, just 6, rum 6.


Case History (for Passport to Immunity)

Businessman suffering with nervousness and exhaustion took a maintenance dose of Echinacea over three to four months, felt better for it, less anxious and susceptible to coughs and colds which he would frequently get during the winter months.

Case History (for Passport to Immunity)

Young woman with cold sores and mouth ulcers responded well to regular maintenance dose of Echinacea.

Case History (for Passport to Immunity)

Healer in Calgary Canada purchased 2 bottles of Echinacea. Her son contracted bad case of flu. She gave him 10 drops 5 times daily for two days and he was up and about and was delighted at his speedy return to health. The second bottle she kept for herself to help her manage in her busy life and found it helpful combating jet lag too!

Case History (for Passport to Immunity)

Homeopathy works well alongside Echinacea which acts as support the immune system. Works well for children, young persons, adults and dogs and cats too!

Recommendation (for Passport to Immunity)

Excellent communication. The syrup worked within 1 day. Many thanks Andrew