Tennis Elbow Cream

Handmade with Love

Excellent for Golfers, Tennis and Table Tennis Players, Cyclists and Horse-Riders.

Relieves symptoms of fatigue, aches and pains, muscle & joint inflammation.

Bursitis and muscle tears also respond well to this natural product.

Unperfumed, Hypo-allergenic and cruelty-Free.

My natural hand-made, hand-blended homeopathic cream has been developed for sportsmen and women and those suffering from aching muscles and joints as a result of overuse and exertion during sporting / daily activities, including repetitive strain injury (RSI).

This is a professional alternative approach to healing acute muscle strains and sprains.

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Apply the cream to skin twice daily.

Full directions on how and when to use this cream and other associated remedies for this condition are included with your order.


The homeopathic remedies rhus tox 6c, ruta grav 6c, arnica 6c, symphytum 6c and calendula tinct. have been combined in a soothing aqueous cream to activate the body’s natural healing process.


Case History (for Tennis Elbow Cream)
The manager of my local supermarket applied cream over 2 to 3 weeks and was pleased and surprised with the results. His aches and pains caused by bending and kneeling were much reduced.
Case History (for Tennis Elbow Cream)
A sports tennis player with muscle strain from over use applied cream over a 6 week period whilst continuing to play his sport. Symptoms very much improved.