Athletes Foot Cream

Handmade with Love

Anti-fungal for itchy skin and nail conditions. A natural formulation with includes tincture of echinacea, a known and documented herbal remedy for bacterial and fungal infections.

An excellent natural moisturiser; rich, light texture, non sticky, fragrance free, and parabens free.

No harsh chemicals.

Aids in the treatment of Dhobie Itch/Jock itch, dry skin, cracked skin, fungal skin, nail infections and foot odour.

Essential product for your first aid box, bathroom cabinet and travel bag.

My natural, hand-made, hand blended, homeopathic cream has been developed for adults and children to ease the discomfort of fungal skin and nail infections.

Formulated for adults and children by Professional Homeopath and cosmetic scientist Andrew Berwitz

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Apply the cream thinly to affected area, once or twice daily until condition clears.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your order.



Case History (for Athletes Foot Cream)

Lady with toenail fungal condition used the product over a four month period and was highly delighted with the improvement to her unsightly toenails.

Case History (for Athletes Foot Cream)

Young male of 25 plays sports, tennis rugby, football. After using the product for two months, had 80% improvement of his foot/hygiene condition, and also improved his general hygiene health.