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A pleasant tasting, ‘sugar free’ homeopathic cough linctus, popular with homeopathic practitioners and patients alike.

For Dry, Chesty and Winter Coughs, Colds and Flu Symptoms

Suitable for both Adults and Children

Because it is 'sugar free' it is an ideal cough linctus for diabetics.

Benefits of the Bryonia Plus Cough Linctus/syrup:

  • Soothes dry, spasmodic hacking coughs
  • Reduces bouts of coughing
  • Helps relieve sore throats
  • Common colds (Cold on the chest)
  • Dry cough with constant irritation
  • Acute Bronchial complaints.
  • Relieves congestion of the head and sinuses
  • Reduces Catarrh and nasal Coryza
  • Soothes inflamed scratchy sore throats
  • Sugar Free so ideal for diabetics

Can also relieve congestive headaches and rheumatic pains made worse during damp cold weather


Take up to three doses daily until relief!

A little goes a long way


A pleasant tasting sugar free linctus containing 7 especially chosen homeopathic remedies; acon 6, bry 6, gels 6, hep sul 6, ipec 6, just 6, rum 6.


(for Bryonia)

Excellent communication. The syrup worked within 1 day. Many thanks Andrew