I offer you a warm welcome to Berwitz Homeopathy; I hope you enjoy reading my new online catalogue filled with assortment of homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy lotions, made with the finest natural ingredients to help you and your family.

My mission is to bring about an improvement in your health.
My aim is to cure, rapidly, gently and permanently.
Avoiding side effects and allergic reactions.
My products are free from cruelty to animals and suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those taking homeopathic medicines. As a homeopathic practitioner, I, utilise the medical traditions of homeopathy, and the principles of health for both humans and animals to bring about change for the good.
My remedies and health products are hand-made with love and care.

I offer bespoke homeopathic skin care, healing creams, cough linctus, massage oils and much more, all with your healing and happiness in mind. Just give me a ring and let me know your requirements.

I hope you enjoy reading through my new brochure and look forward to hearing from you.
As we move from spring into summer, hay fever is a constant problem for many. My Euphrasia eye cleanser can relieve sore and itchy eyes. Homeopathic remedies may relieve strong reaction to pollen and other allergens. Summer is also a time to treat wasp and bee stings with fast acting, effective remedies. Why not phone or e-mail me for more information.

All our products are made free from cruelty to animals and I always make a donation to the Humane Research Trust and Friends of Homeopathy from every order taken.

Yours sincerely
Andrew Berwitz

There is no single cure! However, ECHINACEA is an herbal tincture, often good for pets and owners alike to improve and revitalise the immune system, commonly used for fighting colds and flu, and acute infections such as sore throats, tiredness and irritability. A few drops once a day revitalise & maintains optimum health, especially around seasonal changes!