All our herbal tinctures are grown organically in the beautiful welsh borders and are produced from freshly collected plants and are made into organic tinctures with organic grain alcohol and natural spring water.
They are approved by the Soil Association.


Echinacea Pupurea, known as the Purple Cone flower. Made from fresh organic herbs in organic grain alcohol and natural spring water, generally gives the auto immune system a boost also well known for its immune enhancing properties. Commonly used for fighting colds and flu, acute infections, including sore throats, tiredness and irritability. Can be used locally for cleansing and antiseptic washes. A must for all the family.


An excellent healing remedy for all types of cuts and sores. Dilute in water (20 drops to one cup of cooled boiled water). This tincture combines the natural healing properties of Calendula and the pain relieving properties of Hypericum.


Milk thistle is an herbaceous annual or biennial plant with a dense prickly flower head with purplish tubular flowers. An excellent Liver detox helps improve levels of energy and promotes general health. Good for depression and alcoholism and a useful aid in the treatment of cancer (especially during and after chemotherapy). The cleansing properties also help in the treatment of psoriasis.


Commonly known as Hawthorn, made from the tincture of the ripe fruit, introduced into medicine as a heart remedy and as been used with much success as a positive heart tonic. If taken regularly has a cumulative action on the heart, restores rhythm and strengthens the heart muscle. Helps in the treatment of Angina. When used in conjunction with Aconite 6, reduces anxiety and creates a sense of calmness and well being.


Hypercium Perforatum, commonly known as St Johns Wort. Made from the fresh organic flowers. Trials in Germany suggest that this native grown shrub can be taken internally for depression, neuralgia, anxiety, nervous tension and sleep disorders. It can be applied as a liniment to relieve pain, for treatment over the spine for relief of nervous diseases that are related to the spine, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatic pains, as a lotion for pain relief and can ease bruises. (See Hypercal Cream).