Homeopathy Heals
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From our sun comes the healing power for all.

Bathe in the healing light of the sun.

A Warm Welcome
Healing power for all

Assisi Veterinary

His range of products for your pets,
Dogs, Cats, Horses, small animals & birds.

Berwitz Homeopathy

Andrew provides homeopathic consultations and support counselling to his clients through the clinic or via prearranged skype or telephone appointments.

Also available through the clinic and online you can purchase Andrew’s range of Homeopathic Creams, Homeopathic Remedies and Natural Tinctures for you and your family.

Homeopathy Heals

If you are a professional Homeopath, alternative therapist or looking for a range of therapeutic & healing products.

You may wish to stock our range of products yourself.

Homeopathic Creams, Homeopathic Remedies and Natural Tinctures formulated especially for Homeopathy Heals.

Let me introduce you to Healing Sun
Health Care Supplier
for your whole family including your pets.

Founded by Professional Homeopath and Cosmetic Scientist Andrew Berwitz Healing Sun markets specialist products via Amazon, eBay & Etsy.com

Our product ranges are personally created
and developed by Andrew to help
you, your family and your pets.

Healing Sun

Coming Soon
A new range of Aromatherapy products.

Popular essential oils, useful First Aid blends together with small range of tricological hair care and bespoke skin care products for sensitive skins including natural vegetarian soaps all available through our Healing Sun shop