Welcome to the new ASSISI Veterinary catalogue filled with a pot-pourri of homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy lotions, made with the finest ingredients to help you and your pets.

In this online brochure, I have laid emphasis on first aid treatment for animals, as this is what I am so often called upon to help with.


Remember all of our products are free from cruelty to animals and a donation is made to charity on every bottle sold.

I have now introduced a small selection of excellent Homeopathic books, some written, by many a Homeopath’s mentor, Vet Mr George Macleod, I often hear from people who knew George from all over the world, the Caribbean, the USA, and even on one occasion the mid Mediterranean, where one of Georges doggy patients had fallen ill, whilst on board a small yacht. I was asked to despatch poste haste! our homeopathic Travel Sickness Remedy, Care of the Harbour Master, Lisbon, Portugal. Hopefully the little dog benefited when ‘the boat finally came in!’

On homeopathic prescribing;-
George was in favour of giving an acute remedy for specific symptoms, together with a constitutional remedy for a whole health treatment. So often since have I seen this work well in the treatment of dogs, cats, and small animals. I have included in my current range, our full list of ‘like cures like’, Homeopathic First Aid Kits and remedies. Constitutional prescribing is also an interesting, in depth process and well worth taking the time to understand, (See our book list).

However, if you simply want to help yourself, your pet or family member in the shortest possible time, simply ask your Homeopath or Homeopathic vet to assist. We can let you have details of your nearest practitioner.
Either call our helpline or send an email for this or any other query you may have.


There is no single cure! However, ECHINACEA is an herbal tincture, often recommended for humans to improve and revitalise the immune system. Especially where there is complete exhaustion and listlessness. (See our Health News for humans).
Why not give your beloved pet immune system a boost too? A few drops once a day revitalise & maintains optimum health, especially around seasonal changes!


I hope you enjoy reading through our expanded list and look forward to hearing from homeopathic patients, customers and friends, old and new!

Andrew Berwitz