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Health care for your whole Family and your Pets
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Andrew Berwitz, homeopath and cosmetic scientist specialises in the making and provision of natural and therapeutic homeopathic and herbal preparations for the whole family, including your pets. Established in 1979, Andrew offers a first class service using only the finest ingredients to benefit your health. All our products are made without cruelty to animals and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For You
Our Bestselling Coughs and Cold Relief Kit
100% organic ECHINACEA Tincture
Perfect for boosting your immune system
in conjunction with
to reduce the symptoms of coughs, colds and flu

For Your Pets
Introducing our two best sellers
Euphrasia Eye Drops Homeopathic Kit
Ideal for the treatment of conjunctivitis, sticky eyes and minor eye conditions.
WARTS and SARCOIDS Homeopathic Kit
Aids in the painless removal of warts and sarcoids
in horses, dogs, cats and small animals

Natural Treatment
Kit for horses, dogs & small animals